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Danon and Hosannah combine science with sociology to bring the caliber of hip hop UPPANOTCH. Danon is a Queens native with a sharp tongue capable of decimating a speaker. You can feel his life experience in his rhymes, and he’s gifted in everything from the art of story telling to straight lyrical spitfire: “could take six bars, make it an anthem- F the SOURCE I want my face on the moon, like Ralph Kramden- these ain’t delusions of grandeur- hat tilted like black panthers, the flow is chemotherapy- guess the beat is the cancer.” Hosannah was born in England , and came to New York in ’83. Raised by hip hop, the kid is slick with the gift. The word play is ridiculous- pay attention, you might miss su’m Hosannah finds a way to hold the track hostage- he’d rather surround it than be on top of it: “Link subjects through rough text- pen a curse on a scroll and have the verse plaguing listeners I provide the spirit through words that grasps parishioners and make em give ten percent of they folds to buy innocence…” Danon and Hosannah use different rhyme styles and techniques to touch your eardrums.  Both are also accomplished in the academic world, Danon has a JD and Hosannah is a PhD candidate, which inspired them to start a non-profit named Uppademics which works with youth to incorporate fundamental principles of academic fields such as law and engineering with artistic expression in an effort to help bridge the gap between artistic passions and academic goals.

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Rhymes: Nas "The World is Yours", The Mighty Sparrow "Congoman", Gang Starr "Dwyck"

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