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Download audio | December 6, 2013

Born on the Westside of Chicago, raised by a single mother and crazed over alternative & metal music at a young age. Show’s first encounters with Smashing Pumpkins, Anthrax and Slayer had him hooked and turned him into a devoted rock fan. There was a well-known lack of interest for the genre where ShowYouSuck lived, but that wouldn’t stop him from creating the craft he knew he was built for. Not having accessibility to an instrument or people interested in participating in a band drove Show to rap. He was eager to create music he liked, music for people like him.  Although his writing and flow wasn’t your typical hip-hop style he chose to continue to pave his own lane—creating a unique style that fuses punk, Based, Trill, rap with a touch of wit.  After graduating from the Art Institute, ShowYouSuck found himself amongst like-minded people, working at an Art Gallery & tattoo shop, Show felt inspired and welcomed sharing his creations, not realizing fans were growing by the dozens. ShowYouSuck realized there was no turning back for him after he saw the attendance at his sold out “OMPP2” mix tape release party held at Reggie’s Rock Club in 2012. The crowd moshed and crowd surfed as he created the set he’s always dreamed of, he was introducing the crowd to a whole new genre and they didn’t object. ShowYouSuck thrives during his live set and never disappoints. He’s given live hip-hop an entertainment standard. “If you’re not here to party get out!” is ShowYouSuck’s motto.

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Rhymes: A Tribe Called Quest "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo," Minor Threat "Guilty of Being White," and the Prodigy "Voodoo People"

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