Per Bylund Kjaer

Download audio | November 15, 2013

Per B. “BluCollaScholla” Kjaer holds a Master’s Degree in American Studies from SDU. He is the author of “…That Real Black Music”, an MA Thesis on Hip-Hop music in an African-American cultural-historical perspective. He teaches American and British history and culture at a Danish three-year college-preparatory program. He is a passionate leisure-emcee in a collective that fuses the aesthetics of hip-hop and rock music. He calls the project “hop ‘n’ roll.”  Born into a working-class family in a rural area of Denmark, struggle was a daily reality and higher education seemed to be a distant goal. He was the middle child of three, both siblings afflicted with severe intellectual disabilities; social stigmas were frequent, while academic success was rare. His childhood home was almost completely devoid of books, art, and music as the focus was elsewhere. But in music, he would soon discover a whole new world far removed from his own. Hip-Hop music colored his process toward becoming a man, an emcee, and, indeed, an academic…and it don’t stop!

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Rhymes: Run DMC “Run’s House,” Knoc-turn’al “Peepin’ Tom,” and Eminem “White America”

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