MC Tree

Download audio | January 18, 2013

Very few artists have successfully held the title of both rapper and producer. Many try, most fail. But Cabrini-Green originator, Tree, plans to shake things up a bit and introduce the world to his unique pairing of words and beats. The official/unofficial member of Project Mayhem has recently gained national recognition with the release of a slew of projects, including his most recent, Sunday Schoolnamed one of the best mixtapes of 2012 by MTV.  He was also named one of the Best New Artists by Spin Magazine in August 2012.

Follow MC Tree: Download Tree's "Sunday School" Mixtape | Download "Tree ft. The City" | @MCTreeG | The Fader on Tree | FakeShoreDrive on Tree

Rhymes: 2Pac "Keep Ya Head Up", Mr. Jinks "Ride 4 U", and Outkast "Return of the 'G'"

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