Download audio | September 21, 2012

A.M. (Abstrak Mind) has become one of Chicago’s most prolific artists to hit the rap radar in quite some time. Most categorize his music as heartfelt, inspiring, creative, and just flat out good. Musically inspired by musical eliteness such as Jay-Z, Eminem, 2 Pac, Andre 3000, and Jadakiss , A.M. tries to live up to the standards of those who have come before him . The music that A.M. writes channels different mediums from his personal struggles and achievements to the economic imbalance that we all struggle from today. None the less he always has an upbeat spirit and likes to rub off those positive energies through song or if it’s just a casual conversation in person. A.M. just dropped his debut mixtape “A Painted Thought” which has shaken the ground beneath, a lot of those who were sleep on his talents and endless capabilities musically. The Hip Hop world should be very pleased at the direction A.M. will take the art as whole in years to come. So world get ready to brace yourself for something historic!

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Rhymes: 2Pac "Keep Ya Head Up," 2Pac "Brenda's Got a Baby"

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